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New Tenant

If you are a new tenant to Trail Bay Centre you can use this form to submit a your listing information to the Trail Bay Centre Website.

Your listing contains these important items.

  1. Name, location in complex, contact info
  2. A write-up of supplied information
  3. A Photo of your storefront or logo of business (for those in an office setting)
  4. Services you offer. ( see Upstairs Downstairs for an example )

For your write-up you can either answer the questions below or submit your own write-up at the bottom of the form.

32spokes Web Design the manager of our website provider will be in touch about your store front photo.

* Your email address is also required to send you a copy of your answers. But is not required to be published.

This form is only for New Tenants of Trail Bay Centre only! If you are an existing tenant please go here:

Oops! We could not locate your form.