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Claytons Grocery Historical Store

Claytons Grocery Circa 1950

Edric Clayton was 60 years old and retired from a career with Union Steamships when, in 1950, he and his wife Florrie opened a tiny grocery store, right next to their house on Sechelt’s Cowrie Street, to serve Sunshine Coast residents. To summon Edric or Florrie from their garden, customers rang a bell in the shop. Florrie would brew a cup of tea for customers to enjoy while shopping and chatting, and orders were filled.

Neil McKenzie, a country and folk music busker at the Trail Bay Centre

Neil McKenzie, one of our licenced buskers.

The success of this enterprise is evidenced in its continual growth. By 1956 the store encompassed 4,000 square feet. A full-service bakery was added in 1970 and Shop Easy, as it had become known, was moved into the new Trail Bay Mall. The Royal Bank of Canada arrived the following year and a BC Liquor Store was added in 1979. Shop Easy was renamed Claytons’ Heritage Market in 1992 to reflect its historical roots, and expanded to its current size of 35,000 square feet. In 1994 the Royal Bank moved to a new building, second story offices were added, and major renovations took place throughout the mall.

Rexall Drugstore, with its pharmacy, photo finishing, grocery section, postal services, and an expansive cosmetics department, opened in 2015. Home Hardware, many fashion and specialty stores, as well as books, electronics, and sports outlets round out the many services that Trail Bay Centre brings to the Sunshine Coast.

Picture of Trail Bay Centre EV Charging Station

Trail Bay Centre EV Charging Station

Trail Bay Centre is also home to an electric vehicle (ev) charging station. The station is located at the north side of the building between Saffron Restaurant and Westland Insurance. The location has one plugin. To find more electrical plugin locations on the Sunshine Coast visit Plug Share.

We also offer free wifi in collaboration with Connected Electronics and Coast Cable.Please visit Connected Electronics during business hours for the password to connect.

Whether you are on a mission to find an ingredient or special gift, or you want to amble and shop at leisure while you listen to the music of our licensed buskers, Trail Bay Centre is here for you, right in the Heart of Sechelt.

Grab a beverage and a bite, get your chores accomplished, enjoy. Edric and Florrie meant for it to be that way right from the start.